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About the Hong Kong Libraries Gateway

The Hong Kong Libraries Gateway (HKLG) is a free Web-based directory of over 900 libraries in Hong Kong. Launched since December 2005, its aim is to provide a single access point for users, both library professionals and the general public, to access basic information on various types of libraries in Hong Kong including college libraries, community centre libraries, government libraries, hospital libraries, medical libraries, public libraries, school libraries, society/club libraries, special libraries, theology libraries, and university libraries. The list is organized by library name, type and location. Each listing follows a standard format except where specific details are not provided and includes links to the library's website and online catalogue if available.

The Directory was first initiated in 1963 by Dr Kan Lai-bing as a print volume entitled Libraries in Hong Kong: A Directory providing information on 215 libraries. This was followed by three updates: Kan Lai-bing. Library Services in Hong Kong: A New Directory, 1975 (listing 317 libraries); Kan Lai-bing, Angela SW Yan and Grace HL Chu. Library and Information Services in Hong Kong, 1988 (listing 602 libraries); and Julia LY Chan, Angela SW Yan and Kan Lai-bing. Libraries and Information Centres in Hong Kong, 1996 (listing 763 libraries). Based on the last edition, this new version is an online searchable directory to facilitate improved access to information about the growing number of libraries in Hong Kong.

This Gateway was developed as a collaborative project between Hong Kong Library Association and University of Hong Kong through the dedicated work and commitment of a Task Force comprising Julia LY Chan, Ku Kam-ming, Janny Lai, and Anita Chan, devoting time and energy in the compilation, preparation and technical processing of the data and website. Special thanks go to those librarians for their support and cooperation in responding to the questionnaires and submitting information promptly for the directory.

Hong Kong Library Association will be responsible for continual maintenance of the online directory. Libraries are invited to Add/Update a Site and help to keep the directory current, comprehensive and useful. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please contact HKLG Webmaster.



該指南始於1963年簡麗冰博士的出版作品《香港圖書館服務:指南》提供的215間圖書館的資料。該書隨後經歷三次內容更新:簡麗冰1975年著的《香港圖書館服務:新指南(列有317間圖書館);簡麗冰、甄陳瑞慧及 Grace HL Chu 1988年著的《香港圖書館及資訊服務(列有602間圖書館);及陳麗業、甄陳瑞慧及簡麗冰1996年著的《香港圖書館及資訊服務中心》(列有763間圖書館)。在最近一次版本的基礎上,此新修訂版本乃為可在線搜索指南,以便改善取閱有關香港不斷新增的圖書館資料的途徑。


香港圖書館協會將負責持續維修此網上指南。歡迎業界《加入/更新網站》協助保持指南更新、全面性及可用性。如閣下有任何疑問,評論或建議,請聯絡HKLG Webmaster